Enjoy great savings with Rewards Certificates.
All you need to do is register on our site, begin shopping and watch your points grow. What are you waiting for.

Why did Glacier Confection introduce Rewards?
It’s our way of offering a little more value to our loyal clients. If we can enhance your shopping experience at Glacier Confection with these great savings then we’re doing our job right.

What are the benefits of the Rewards Program?
You're eligible for Rewards the minute you register and start shopping, the more you purchase, the faster you accumulate points that can be redeemed toward other confection products. You can enjoy great savings with Glacier Confection 

Rewards Certificates:

Free Truffles
Free Boxed Chocolates
Free Drinks
Freedom of Choice

How do I check the balance on my Rewards Points?
Go to and click on “My Account.” Then click on "View Details"

How do I redeem products with points?
I have accumulated points and I want to claim a product. How does this work?
Go to "My Account" and login. Scroll down and locate "Rewards Program", click on "View Details" and review the balance of your account. Now click on "Redeem", you will be presented with several Rewards Certificates each with a unique purchase value. Select the Rewards Certificate of choice based on your available points and then click on "Redeem".

You will receive an email with the Reward Certificate code that can be applied during your next shopping visit. Just enter the code during check-out and the Rewards Certificate amount will be applied to your purchase.

Are there restrictions on what I can buy?
No, all products are eligible. (why would we want to spoil the fun!)

For security however, every certificate that is issued is individually, electronically reviewed. All Reward Certificate codes will be checked against a master code directory of issued certificates.

Note: Loyalty Rewards, Rewards Certificates and Reward Points are available to Online Users only. Order placed via telephone, fax or any other means are not eligible for the Loyalty Rewards Program.



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