Glacier Confection Chocolate Statement on Child Labor 

As an Artisanal Chocolate Truffle company, Glacier’s founding principle is that the finest chocolate in the world can and should be produced in an entirely ethical and sustainable fashion. Our Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance partnerships, validates that there is no forced labor or child labor on the farms where they/we source cocoa or any of the ingredients that go into Glacier Chocolate products. Glacier strongly values third party certification and is considering a future partnership with "Fair for Life" certification because of its comprehensive and rigorous requirements. Fair for Life certification guarantees that smallholder farmers receive fair payment and that workers all along our supply chain benefit from fair working conditions. This will be more forthcoming in future months with our new Bean to Bar facility coming online where will be sourcing beans directly with farmers.

The presence of child labor can be found in many cocoa growing regions, particularly in West Africa where the majority of the world’s cocoa is sourced for conventional chocolate production. Child labor can take many forms, from child trafficking and forced labor to more common issues, such as children being pulled out of school in order to work on cocoa farms. Following public outcry and campaigns by informed consumers, efforts to reduce the worst forms of child labor in cocoa farming have increased over the past decade but progress has been slow. By some measures the problem has actually grown in recent years as demand for cocoa has continued to rise. 

Glacier’s founding principles are irreconcilable with child labor. We are committed to full transparency across our entire supply chain, building direct relationships with import partners. We have zero tolerance for labor violations and require our suppliers to abide by the highest standards in ethical, social and environmental practices. Glacier intentionally sources from suppliers and farmer cooperatives that have third-party certifications in order to provide another layer of assurance regarding the labor practices and well being of the farmers and their families. 

For Glacier, being an artisanal chocolatier and future bean-to-bar chocolate maker goes beyond words on a label. We are also Founding Members of the Heirloom Cacao Preservation Initiative (HCPI) with a mission to identify and preserve Fine Flavor Cacao by paying above Fair Trade prices. The premium prices that Glacier pays for high quality cocoa helps farmers thrive by enabling them to improve household income and secure access to education, health care, and other vital services. Our cocoa purchasing practices promote better quality of life for cocoa farmers, now and in the future. 



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